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Db Eliquids Review

Caked-Up and Split
Split & Caked-Up

DBLiquids is a company that knows what they are doing when it comes to blending together e-juices. They offer premium e-juices at a standard price.

The price range for DBliquids is $10 for a 15 ml bottle. Not every flavor comes with an option for size. While the standard Tobacco flavor is offered from 15ml to , Sir Cantwood does not have a 15 ml option, instead starting at 30 ml. DBLiquids come with a variety of nicotine options. Starting at 0 mg, with no nicotine content, moving right up to 24 mg to offer you the highest level of nicotine. Now, one thing DBliquids has over their competitors is that you can actually choose what PG/VG blend you’d prefer. This is ideal for many people, because it means you can make the most out of your purchase. Of course, this option won’t be available for every flavor. For instance, Sir Cantwood is only available at the maximum VG blend.

DB E-Juices
DB E-Juices

Now, looking into the flavors themselves, there is a decent variety. The offer many categories for your flavor selection, such as Cereal, Drink, Fruity, Mint, Sweet, Sins, Tea, and finally, Tobacco. Of course, they also have a sample pack, which allows you to try and handful of some of their best flavors. This gives you a better idea of the taste quality. Strog is one of the best vape juice flavors offered by DBLiquids, however, it’s an acquired taste. While many enjoy what they call a “dirty” flavor, others are left unsatisfied. It really depends on your own taste buds.

They also have two premium flavor collections called “Gem” and “Warrior”. Sir Cantwood, as mentioned above, is one of the Warrior flavors. Strog is also a part of the Warrior collection. These premium e-liquids are only available in 30 ml bottles at $15 each. The “Gem” collection, on the other hand, consists of only two liquids, at different price ranges.

So the amount you’re going to spend on e-liquids really depends on what you’re looking for, in depth. How much you want, versus which flavor and your selection of VG/PG blending. The same could be said about any other company, though. E-liquids are only expensive if you really want them to be.

DB Liquids
DB Liquids

If you’re not sure about the switch to DBLiquids, try one of their sampler packs. This is bound to be a better introduction to the world of DBLiquids.

One of the best things about DBLiquids has to be their customer service. Not many companies are as attentive as DB is. When there is any kind of problem, and they do happen occasionally, DB jumps on the opportunity to correct any errors. For this, they have developed a loyal customer base, even if the flavors leave room for improvement.

Overall, this might not be the best company to try if you’re just starting out. Some of their flavors are strong. Bold. Some of them are acquired tastes. But, if you’ve been in the vaping Universe for a while, give them a try if you haven’t already.